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Simplifying your financial concerns Lake Geneva, WI Voyager Capital Management, LLC

Simplifying the Complexities

Of Your Financial Concerns

While it's absolutely true that financial planning and investing are becoming increasingly complex, that doesn't mean it has to be that way. The last thing most investors need is more headaches, Voyager exists for one reason, and that is to meet the need of our clients. Our top priority is to develop a meaningful relationship with you and gain an insightful understanding of your financial needs. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Our commitment is to continue serving you in a fiduciary capacity so that you can be free to focus on the many important aspects of your life. As such, we provide key financial services to assist you in navigating your financial assets.

Voyager Wealth Management

Wealth Management is the combination of Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning, and Relationship Management. It is a comprehensive service that we offer that includes designing a globally diversified investment portfolio, building the advanced financial plan, and providing ongoing analysis and review. Review meetings not only include the client, but at times, include the client’s other advisors (CPA, attorney, insurance professional) to reach an ideal outcome for the client.

Financial Questions You May Be Asking...

  • Have you worked hard to save diligently but need an engaged planner to help prioritize your financial needs?
  • Are you confident you are on track for retirement but lack a disciplined plan to generate income?
  • Have you changed careers or employers and now have a balance, in a former employers 401k, that you do not know how you should handle?
  • Have you recently inherited a substantial amount of money and you are not sure how to responsibly manage?
  • Are you an employer providing your employees the best benefits possible in order to retire successfully and confidently?

Voyager's Wealth Management Service Includes:

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Wealth Management

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Small Business Retirement

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Second Opinion Services

Now Working With

Trust & Will

Trust & Will is a simple and complete online platform where you can complete your entire estate plan from the comfort of home. All their documents are attorney approved and they have stellar customer service standing by to answer any question you have along the way. Not to mention one-on-one licensed attorney support to help fit your own personal needs.

To find out more about Trust & Will and to receive a 10% discount, please contact us at 262-348-9981.

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Wealth Management Fee Schedule

Financial Planning Fees:

Financial Planning services are provided to Wealth Management clients at no additional cost. Financial Planning as a standalone service is available as an ongoing monthly service or on an hourly basis. The fee will depend on the complexity of the client’s financial situation, scope of analysis requested, and the gross estate of the client.

Interested in Working With Us?

We offer a straightforward planning process that is developed to address your needs and goals for the future.

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